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In 2011, with approximately a $1.5 million commitment, the former Ministry of First Nations and Métis Relations initiated work on the development of a Northern Action Plan. The initiative was centered on the work of a six-member Northern Leaders Table (NLT) comprised of northern First Nations, Métis and municipal leaders. The NLT faced a number of internal challenges and proved to be ineffective; it was suspended at the end of 2012-13.

The Embracing Life Initiative first came together as an organized body in June of 2013. The EL began has a large group of agencies and partners that strived to be inclusive and diverse by including representatives from the various regions of northern Saskatchewan, Indigenous groups, northern communities, and human service government and non-government organizations/agencies are all included.

Who We Are
Who We Are Timeline
The Embracing Life Initiative began in 2013-14, when GR assumed more direct responsibility for the third and final year of funding. GR provided $48,000 for an October 2013 Embracing Life Workshop, $221,000 for 17 Embracing Life community projects, and contracted QED Information Systems to update Pinehouse's Social Indicator Report and the ministry's Norther Data Report ($8,000), a total commitment of $277,000.
In 2016-17, the ministry provided $3,835 to the La Loche Friendship Centre for 14 northern youth and five chaperones from La Loche and Buffalo Narrows to attend the "Ignite the Life Youth Suicide Prevention Rally" that was held in Saskatoon, February 2-3, 2017. GR also provided $3,400 to New North to administer funding for ELC members to attend the "Aboriginal Suicide and Trauma: Prevention and Intervention - What is Working, What is Hopeful" workshop in Prince Albert in March 2017.
IN May 2017, GR contracted Horizon Strategic Consultants ($2,500) to facilitate a strategic planning session with the ELC. The Embracing Life Committee's three-year strategy focuses on five priority areas: to increase cultural responsiveness; engage youth; highlight and promote northern successes; improve early response; and, to seek more flexible funding from a variety of sources. Work in year one and two mainly revolved around the Community, youth, and Culture sub-committee.
2019 Saskatchewan Health Authority gave Embracing Life $60,000.00.
2019-2020 Federal funding from the First Nations and Inuit Health branch gave Embracing life $35,000.00.
2020-2021 Embracing life applied for grants in the amount of 125,000.00 through many agencies to begin the work on a new website and suicide prevention app.

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The Leadership team meetings monthly to execute the annual Embracing Life work plan. This groups works to raise dollars for projects, collaborate on work plan and prioritize the work.

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Embracing Life Strategic Plan

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