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Embracing Life Initiative DOES NOT provide direct services

If you are in an emergency or at immediate risk of harm to yourself or others, please call 911

If you are looking for crisis support, struggling to cope, or needing someone to talk to please call  Northern Crisis line 306-425-4090


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Passions…. for the time being

By Nathan Andrews One of the greatest tragedies in modern day life is people losing that drive to enjoy the things they truly love. It is not always easy. Lack of time, money and work responsibilities are just a few of the factors that can keep us from doing the things we truly have a […]

Reduce Suicides by Creating A Safer Home

When we are talking about suicide and suicide prevention with our family and loved ones, it is important to look where we live and how we live at home to make sure that when we are most comfortable, we are also safe. Follow these practices to keep your loved ones safe. For more suicide safety […]

Get to know Embracing Life…

Embracing Life is a northern collaborative table that wants to make a difference in community wellness, life promotion and suicide prevention. Embracing life includes representatives from local, Indigenous, provincial and federal governments, not-for-profit organizations, educators, and northern youth and youth workers. All agencies meet quarterly, while the Embracing Life Leadership team meets monthly to work […]

Safer Conversations about Suicide on Social Media – by Mental Health Commission of Canada

THE WAY WE TALK ONLINE ABOUT SUICIDE MATTERSWhen sharing thoughts, feelings, and experiences:• Focus on resilience, hope, and recovery.• Consider your privacy, both now and in the future.• Talk about how you sought help, if you’ve done so.• Consider adding warnings about sensitive content.If posting about someone who’s had suicidal thoughts or died by suicide:• […]

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Embracing Your Passions

This month is about reminding ourselves why we work, and go to school and what continues to drive us forward. We work to pay bills, we go to school to find a good job or back to school to find a better one, but our passion, our drive is what keeps us striving, moving forward. […]

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Embracing Resiliency

This month we will be focusing on Embracing Resiliency. The definition of resiliency according to google, is ” the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.” or ” the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.” Google goes on to say “psychological resilience is the ability to mentally or emotionally […]

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Celebrating Northern Successes and Recognizing Northern Groups